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Frequently Asked Questions


(Questions taken from the National FFA Alumni Website)

1. Who can become an Alumni member?

Anyone can be an Alumni member; membership is open to anyone who is interested in supporting and promoting agricultural education and the FFA on the local, state and national level. (pg. 13 in FFA Alumni Manual)

2. How much does an Alumni membership cost? Texas FFA Alumni Dues deadline is February 1st

Annual National membership - Texas has opted for the National FFA Affiliation Program.
*Annual fee of $100 per local affiliate (plus state dues that may apply) for the affiliate program providing basic    support to all volunteers at the local affiliate.
*A minimum of 10 local affiliate members will continue to be in place for the affiliate to be considered active.
*Annual fee would be waived if the local affiliate has at least 25 life members (as of the end of the preceding     membership year). 
Annual State Membership - 
*Annual fee of $100 per local affiliate  for the affiliate program providing basic support to all volunteers at the local affiliate.
*A minimum of 10 local affiliate members will continue to be in place for the affiliate to be considered active.

LIFE membership (National) - $200 per individual Life membership is a one-time investment in the future of our organization. Your investment ensures that the FFA will be around for future generations of agriculturalists and to help provide leadership training opportunities to as many members as we possibly can so that they can exert an influence in their home and community. Life members receive a membership card, a membership certificate, a lifetime subscription to the FFA New Horizons magazine, the ability to attend personal and professional development conferences and conventions and additional member benefits.

                                    STATE & NATIONAL DUES ARE TO BE SENT TO 
                                 Texas FFA Association
                              614 East 12th Street
                                 Austin, Texas 78701

3. How do you establish a new FFA Alumni affiliate?

  Local FFA Alumni affiliate – have at least 10 members who have paid National FFA Alumni member dues and State FFA Alumni dues; have a constitution/bylaws in harmony with the National FFA Alumni Bylaws; have a council of elected members; complete the application for Local Charter; submit the completed Application for Local Charter, the Constitution/Bylaws, completed roster, and national and state dues for at least 10 members to your State FFA Alumni Association. Start an Alumni Chapter/Affiliate

4. How do I (affiliate) re-activate an Alumni affiliate?

 Update your constitution and bylaws; elect officers; pay state and national dues; must submit Application for Updated Local Affiliate, submit a copy of updated constitution/bylaws, listing of elected officers, and state and national dues for at least ten members to your State FFA Alumni Association. (pg. 17 in FFA Alumni Manual)

5. Where do I (affiliate) get the Constitution and By-Laws?

 A “recommended” constitution and bylaws can be located on the website (FFA Alumni ) under the Membership tab; scroll to the bottom of the page for these documents.

6. How can having a local FFA Alumni Affiliate benefit me, my school and my community?

 An FFA Alumni Affiliate provides a means to further agricultural education; facilitates involvement and support of former members and others interested in FFA and agricultural education; promotes and maintains an appreciation of the American Free enterprise system; enhances the personal development aspect of FFA; serves as advocates for FFA and agricultural education on local, state and national levels; utilizes volunteer management tools provided by National FFA Alumni.

7. Where is additional information regarding FFA Alumni?

 You will find the FFA Alumni Manual at FFA Alumni 


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